Entrepreneurship is hard work
Entrepreneurship is hard work. You know better than anyone what it is like to have to act quickly and with focus in an environment where everything is constantly changing. Entrepreneurship is all about opportunities and risks. And, as you know, legal aspects are part of it. As your partner-in-business, we will work with you to find new ways and opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is hard work. Marxman Advocaten understands this and we are committed to making our clients and partners even more successful. Quick responses to changing circumstances. Making decisions. Acting at the right time. To seize the opportunities that arise, but also to avoid unnecessary risks. You want clear advice, a practical solution for your legal challenges. We know your playing field.

Team M&A

Our M&A specialists have extensive experience in small, medium and large acquisitions, mergers and (dis)investments. We leverage the expertise of agile teams and provide tailor-made and to-the-point advice.

Team Labour law

Team Labour Law is a trusted partner of choice for entrepreneurs and HR managers in the field of labour law and employment law. We keep abreast of all labour law regulations and legislative changes. And we closely follow trends in the labour market.

Restructuring & Insolvency

We advise, litigate and assist in restructuring and insolvencies with a multidisciplinary team of experts.

Team Commercial Contracting

The lawyers in the Commercial Contracting team have extensive experience in preparing, assessing, negotiating on and litigating (international) commercial contracts.

Team IP/IT/Privacy

We actively advise on and assist with issues, negotiations and agreements (national and international) in the field of intellectual property, ICT and privacy.

Team Litigation

Our experienced litigation specialists regularly litigate before the courts and tribunals. In and out of court, we provide strategic advice on a range of conflicts, and at every stage of a (potential) dispute.