Careers at Marxman Advocaten
Take charge of your career.

Fulfil your ambitions in an inspiring and international environment

Marxman is a medium-sized law firm with a focus on the corporate market. Our clients are (larger) entrepreneurs, from SMEs+ to international, listed companies, (semi-) government bodies and interest groups. We work from within various Teams: M&A, Restructuring and Insolvency, Employment, Commercial Contracting and Procedural Law. We engage in high-level and strategic brainstorming with our clients. A true partner-in-business, that’s what we are for our clients.

We set the bar high, to ensure the highest quality. We also believe in giving you the freedom and responsibility to decide for yourself what you want to achieve in your career. As a Marxman team member, you decide how to shape your career journey. The work culture is open and equal and everyone can drop in on everyone else. We are simply ourselves. That’s what it comes down to. And maybe that’s what makes our office so special.

Combine your ambitions with a good work-life balance

Quality comes first for us and we set the bar high, but let’s be honest: life doesn’t consist of work alone. A healthy work-life balance is a matter of course for us, which is why we give you all the space you need to plan your own work. At Marxman, you don’t work to show how hard you can work, but rather to shape your own career path, to grow, and to deliver quality. That’s why you are in charge of your own agenda and won’t be looked down upon if you leave early or take a break to work out, for example.

Shaping your career path: you are in charge

You decide how you want to shape your career path and we support you in this journey. We do this through the Marxman Excellence programme. The core of this programme is: do what you are good at and work from your talents. You get the space to give direction to your personal and professional growth, based on your ambitions.

Through the Marxman Excellence programme, we facilitate your development path. You identify where your talents lie, which activities make you happy, and in which direction you want to develop further. The programme offers you the opportunity to receive training or follow courses. Within the Teams, we divide the work so that each person gets to do as much as possible what makes him or her happy. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a commercial path, want to deepen your knowledge, learn how to be a leader, or any other path – as long as it suits you.


On our career platform you will find our current open positions. You can apply directly on this platform and submit your application and personal details in a secure environment. We look forward to hearing from you!

The application process

Have you found a job opening that appeals to you? You can submit your application easily via our career platform. Our application process is as follows.

  1. Submit your application – You can apply via the form in the job posting
  2. Contact by phone – We will respond to your application as soon as possible.
  3. Meeting – We will be pleased to invite you for a meeting at our office or an external location
  4. Second interview – In a second interview, we will discuss in more detail who you are, what your ambitions are and whether this matches with Marxman
  5. Meeting with team – Optional meeting with one or more team members so that you can ask any questions that are important to you when making a career switch
  6. Assessment – An assessment may be part of the procedure
  7. We make an offer – Do you agree? Congratulations! You have taken your next career step!

Can’t find the right position for you?

Does your profile not completely match our job openings, but do our firm and the areas of law in which we operate appeal to you? Please contact our HR manager or submit your details.