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Our field

Construction Law, Rental & Purchase

The real estate market is dynamic and complex. The construction, purchase and rental of real estate often involve huge interests. This demands everything from you as an entrepreneur, and even more. As your legal adviser, we will be happy to assist you to go ‘above and beyond’.

Specialists in real estate

Our team of lawyers is well versed in the world of real estate. We understand that no two projects are the same. That is why we master all the legal ins and outs of real estate. Regardless of whether it involves shops, restaurants, office and business premises or homes, we will take care of all your legal challenges.

We advise project developers, contractors, municipalities, semi-governments as well as sports companies. Our focus is on social real estate and the sports and health care sectors.

You can rely on us for:

  • Strategic and legal advice in the preliminary phase.
  • Advice and guidance on the tendering process.
  • Assistance in contract negotiations.
  • Advice on and the drafting of purchase and rental agreements.
  • Advice on disputes arising during or after construction projects.

And if it is not possible to resolve discussions or disputes for you? Then we will not hesitate to go to court. With our litigation experience and political antennae, we often, and successfully, assist companies and governments in civil and administrative proceedings..


In today’s world, real estate and sustainability are inextricably connected. Sustainability is also a common theme in our services. This led us to design several innovative legal products. These include solar panel contracts for tenants of real estate and lease constructions for thermal energy systems.

Full service provision

Our specialists in the Construction Law, Rental & Purchase field work closely together with the specialists in the Administrative Law and Corporate Law fields. This ensures that you, as a real estate entrepreneur, will receive a full range of services allowing you to focus on your own field of expertise: your real estate.

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