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Marxman is a member of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms. Consulegis is represented in more than 40 countries and 150 cities world-wide. As part of this network, we can help you to realise your international ambitions. Wherever you want to do business, we have reliable and established partners all over the world: from America to Asia and from Europe to the Middle East.

With the affiliated law firms of Consulegis, we continually maintain and share cross-border knowledge in different fields. We closely monitor European and global legal developments. We also hold regular meetings at which we exchange information. This intensive, personal and accessible contact is one of the key elements of Consulegis. It means that we can rely fully on the Consulegis members for cross-border issues.

If you plan to do business internationally, we can advise you on matters including:

  • cross-border transactions
  • international banking and financing regulations
  • directing staff in other countries
  • international restructuring and reorganisation
  • protecting intellectual property rights in other countries
  • buying, selling and investing in other countries
  • international disputes
Consulegis - Marxman Advocaten
Consulegis - Marxman Advocaten