Healthcare is a complex playing field, with many different legal issues that frequently arise. In addition to matters in the field of healthcare law (medical treatment agreement, care recipients encouraged to continue living at home, the Long-term Care Act [Wlz], the Social Support Act [Wmo] and the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act [Wkkgz]), entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector also deal with questions in the area of corporate law. One example is that they are increasingly joining forces.

We advise them on suitable forms for collaboration, such as a partnership, B.V., cooperative or joint venture. Our specialists assist primary and secondary care providers, as well as healthcare suppliers.

In recent years, our healthcare specialists have assisted in several mergers & acquisitions in the healthcare sector. These were both acquisitions in long-term care and acquisitions of practices of primary care providers.

Our specialists

Bas Besseling

Partner, member of the executive board

Sebastiaan Palm

Partner, member of the executive board
We work with customers and suppliers from SMEs and large companies (national and international) in various industries. Our customers are active in the manufacturing industry, services, sports, healthcare institutions and (semi-) governments, among others.

What clients say about us,


“What started with a few labour law cases grew into a close and successful collaboration. We call on their expertise in practically all areas, such as Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Labour Law. Marxman works for our organisation as a one-stop legal shop. The lines of communication are short, the approach is always pragmatic. In the end, it’s all about solutions. As an organisation, you just want to get things right. And you can be assured of that with Marxman.”

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