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Administrative Law

Municipalities, provinces and ministries regularly take decisions that have a direct impact on your business. Or that may affect your business. A change in a zoning plan, for example, or refusal to grant a permit may result in you being able to continue your business exactly as you had planned or the opposite. Enforcement action, in which the government imposes a penalty payment on your company, can also lead to considerable problems. In administrative law, it is essential that you submit your opinion or objection in good time. For many entrepreneurs, however, administrative law is complex and unclear.

Administrative law specialists

Our team of specialist lawyers knows exactly when, how and to which authority you should submit your opinion or objection. We always choose a strategic approach first, in order to avoid an often long and drawn-out court case. Does this approach not lead to the desired solution? Then we will not hesitate to go to court. And, of course, we will passionately argue your case.

We advise and litigate for project developers, companies, governments and semi-governments.

You can rely on us for:

  • Legal assistance during the application process for a permit, such as an environmental permit (formerly: building permit), an operating permit or a liquor and catering permit. This will prevent your application from being rejected unnecessarily.
  • Advice on and assistance in submitting an opinion, objection and appeal.
  • Claiming a provisional injunction in summary proceedings if your company suffers direct damage as a result of a decision by a government body.
  • Advice and legal proceedings in the event of damage resulting from changes in spatial plans.
  • Advice on legislation and regulations, such as the Environmental Licensing (General Provisions) Bill (WABO), the Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act (Bibob) and the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob).

Full service provision

Many legal issues within the field of Administrative Law overlap with the fields of Construction Law, Rental and Purchase and Corporate Law. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in these fields of expertise. If necessary, our specialists work closely together. This ensures you will receive a full range of services.

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