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Doing Business in Sports

Setting goals. And do everything in your power to achieve those goals. Sport demands the utmost from an athlete: motivation, endurance, perseverance, cooperation and guts. Doing business in sports also requires a lot from organisations: motivation, cooperation, sometimes perseverance and often real guts. And it requires a legal sparring partner with knowledge in various fields who understands the sport.

Partner in business for sports federations and associations

We have been a partner in business for many years for umbrella sports organisations, such as sports federations. We work together with various sports associations, such as the Royal Dutch Korfball Association and the Netherlands Handball Association, and for many sports associations we are a sparring partner in the field of Privacy & Data Protection and Intellectual Property.

In addition, we support organisations in the sports sector in drawing up policy rules, among other things. For instance to ensure safety in the sport. A good example thereof is the swimming pool protocol that we have drawn up in cooperation with the Association of Sports and Municipalities (Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten (VSG)).

Our specialists also regularly work together with the Professional Football Association. As part thereof, we assist various Professional Football Organisations with all kinds of legal questions.

Last but certainly not least, we advise sports clubs. For example, we have ample experience in assisting sports clubs and municipalities in clustering sports clubs on a new sports complex. In addition, we assist private organisations, such as NV SRO, with the legal side of the operation, management and maintenance of sports facilities and sports fields.

Full service provision

As an association, organisation or enterprise in the sport, you will need to deal with practically every legal field, such as Labour LawCorporate LawPrivacy & Data ProtectionIntellectual Property, Administrative Law and Construction Law, Rental and Purchase. We have in-house specialists in all these areas of law. This ensures that you, as a sports organisation, will receive a full range of services, allowing you to focus on your own field of expertise and goals: achieving the best performance and your biggest success.

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