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Doing Business in the Health Care Industry

Health care is a complex field in which many different legal issues often play a role. In addition to issues in the field of health law (medical treatment agreement, divorce, housing and care, Long-term Care Act (Wlz), Social Support Act (Wmo) and Healthcare Complaints (Quality) Act (Wkkgz)), entrepreneurs in the health care industry are faced with corporate law issues. As a result, they increasingly join forces. Marxman advises them on appropriate forms of cooperation such as a civil law partnership, a private limited company, a cooperative or a joint venture.

Partner in business for health care providers

Our team of lawyers assists many different primary and secondary health care providers. In addition, we support care providers who want to offer care between primary and secondary care and entrepreneurs in the health care industry in setting up a business. We also advise care institutions on housing and care.

In recent years, our health care lawyers have assisted multiple Mergers & Acquisitions in the health care industry. These concerned acquisitions in long-term care, as well as acquisitions of practices of primary care providers.

Privacy law and health care

Within the health care industry, Privacy & Data Protection of patient data is an important area of attention. We have developed an online tool for primary care providers, which can be found at, which not only takes into account the General Data Protection Regulation, but also the healthcare-specific privacy legislation.

Full service provision

Because, in addition to specialists in the field of Health Care, we also have in-house specialist lawyers in the fields of Labour Law, Construction Law, Rental & Purchase, Mergers & Acquisitions and Privacy & Data Protection, you, as a health care entrepreneur, are assured to receive a full range of services. Let our specialists relieve you of your worries, so you can focus on your core business.

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