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Technology and the internet have made enormous changes to our society and daily lives. Nowhere is this influence as tangible as in online trade, i.e. e-commerce. Not only the different e-commerce platforms (Airbnb, Marktplaats, Uber and Catawiki), but also many web shops and web forums have become an essential part of our daily lives. Consumers now spend as much as 28% of their total expenditure online.

It therefore pays to take part in e-commerce. Online, too, you will have to tempt consumers to buy your products. That is no different from a retail environment. But the way in which you do this is different. The different means of communication available have an effect on how your customers view your products and how they are informed. You have far more opportunities here to steer the perceptions of (potential) customers. For example, you can adjust your website entirely to the personal preferences of your customers through the use of data and algorithms.

But these possibilities also entail risks. The application of smart algorithms on your website, for example, can manipulate the decision-making of your (potential) clients. This could be a form of misleading customers, because they cannot then make a well-considered choice. You will therefore have to take this into account. Customers must also be able to see online who they are actually doing business with. The contracting of an online agreement is also different. If you do business with consumers, you must comply with many rules for this.

In short, if you are active in e-commerce, it pays to obtain good advice. Our lawyers will be happy to support you.

E-commerce specialists

In view of the specific character of online trading, companies must take account of specific (European) rules relating to e-commerce. They must also observe rules that are partly technology-neutral. Our team of specialised lawyers has extensive experience with e-commerce regulations and would be happy to advise you on this.

Our clients are start-ups and established Dutch and international businesses active in the fields of fashion, sport, IT, retail and interior design. Because we have already supported them with advice and assistance for years, we have the necessary experience to give your online business concrete, relevant and pragmatic advice too.

You can rely on us for advice on:

  • Contracting online agreements
  • Commercial contracts (reseller, affiliate, agency and mediation contracts)
  • General terms and conditions
  • Unfair trading practices
  • Misleading and comparative advertising
  • Consumer law (including withdrawal law, blacklists and grey lists and information obligations)
  • Modern applications of online trade, such as trading via platforms and forums
  • Gaming, lotteries and online gambling

Website scans and e-commerce masterclass
Our lawyers will be happy to help you scan your website. With this scan, we check whether your website complies with the various e-commerce rules. For example, do you observe all the information obligations, on your business, the contact possibilities and the withdrawal rights of your customers? Do you describe your products correctly and completely and give an accurate reflection of the price on the website? By checking with you, placing a trial order and thoroughly assessing your website, our e-commerce specialists analyse whether you comply with the applicable rules.

We are also happy to contribute towards awareness in your business by organising an E-commerce Masterclass for you and your staff. After this masterclass, you will be up to date on all relevant e-commerce rules and can apply these yourself in your organisation.

Full service provision

E-commerce often also involves legal issues that overlap with the fields of Intellectual Property, ICT and Technology and Privacy & Data Protection. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in these specialist fields. Where necessary, we make use of the specific knowledge of the colleagues who have specialised in these playing fields. This ensures that you will receive a full range of services, allowing you to focus on what you like doing most: doing business.

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