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Privacy & Data Protection

People’s privacy is a major concern and is becoming increasingly important every day. A major part of the regulations in the area of privacy are laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, additional privacy legislation applies to specific sectors, such as health care.

Many entrepreneurs have already taken the first important steps regarding privacy. Sometimes motivated by fines, but more and more often because their clients or customers ask for it.

Privacy law specialists

The GDPR requires a combination of policy, ICT and legal solutions. Our team of specialist lawyers knows all about legal solutions and has experience in policies and ICT. By identifying together with you which personal data you process and what the purpose therefore is, we can help you prepare an implementation process.

You often process more data than you might initially think. You can make an inventory of this with one of our Privacy Scans at Many entrepreneurs have already benefited from such a scan.

In-house GDPR specialist

Considering the time it takes to implement the GDPR, to answer complex issues or to conduct hard negotiations, we also place our lawyers who are specialised in privacy issues in-house at entrepreneurs. You can, for instance, get an in-house lawyer one day a week for three months. However, half a day a week for six months is also possible. Please contact us for the actual costs.

Marxman is also regularly asked to do a check on the privacy situation of a company, and to detect and identify so-called red flags (main points of attention). We can also do this for your company at a fixed price.

Full service provision

Privacy issues often involve legal issues that overlap with the fields of ICT & Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions, procurement and contract law. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in these specialist fields. Where necessary, we make use of this specific knowledge. This ensures you will receive a full range of services.

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