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Restructuring & Bankruptcy

What can and should you do if your company finds itself in a difficult situation? What are the consequences of a bankruptcy of a subsidiary or other company for you or your company? What about the bankruptcy of a contracting party? How should you handle talks with a trustee? Our lawyers provide answers to all these and other questions. We have a team of in-house lawyers who specialise in financial law.

Legal advice in the event of restructuring

Your company may find itself in a difficult situation due to circumstances. Whatever the cause, it is important that you act quickly when that happens. As specialists in restructuring, we know that no two processes are the same. That is why, together with you, we analyse the impact, determine the objective of the restructuring and then develop a strategy. We will then work with you towards the goal.

During a restructuring, we will also gladly work with your financial department, accountant and – if necessary – a bank-appointed adviser. In our dutch Collaboration whitepaper you can read more about the cooperation between accountants and lawyers in the event of a restructuring.

Legal advice in the event of bankruptcy

If you go bankrupt, this obviously has major consequences for yourself, your company and your employees. But the bankruptcy of one of your contracting parties can also have a major impact on your company.

Bankruptcy is often a risk, but sometimes also an opportunity. An opportunity to relaunch, end a contract or buy a competing company out of bankruptcy. Our specialists will be happy to map out the legal consequences for your company.

Are you a director? In such a case, the bankruptcy of your company can also have far-reaching consequences for you. We have specialised in discussions about directors’ liability. We will therefore gladly assist you in conducting this discussion with the trustee or a creditor. Also read our dutch whitepaper on directors’ liability.

Full service provision

Restructuring and bankruptcy often involve legal issues that overlap with the fields of Labour Law and Mergers & Acquisitions. Our lawyers also have extensive experience in these specialist fields. Where necessary, we make use of this specific knowledge. This ensures you will receive a full range of services.

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