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Bas Besseling

Partner, member of the executive board

We prefer to work together with our customers towards an end goal. Not only when procedures are imminent or other fires need to be extinguished, but especially also in their daily operations. Only if you have real attention for your customers are you able to advise proactively and preventively. To spar. Is fire threatening? Then the lines are short and we think out-of-the-box: there is always an alternative solution for every issue.

Lawyer, founder of Marxman Advocaten, partner, member of the executive board and responsible for Commerce and Knowledge & Quality.

Bas is a valuable sparring partner for entrepreneurs in a variety of areas and has many years of experience in supervising (international) transactions and various post-bankruptcy company restarts in a variety of insolvency procedures. He has also implemented extensive restructuring and corporate recovery projects and introduced an effective approach of liquidity and other problems in both the short and long term at many companies.

His broad orientation makes Bas an adviser and manager who knows how to combine an all-round strategy with legal implications in projects. He has experience as a trustee and administrator in medium-sized and large bankruptcies and suspensions of payment. In the past, Bas has held financial and managing director positions in (international) organisations and has developed legal and financial expertise for more than 25 years.

After completing his law studies, Bas also completed two specialist courses at the Grotius Academy, namely Insolvency Law (1997) and Corporate and Business Law (2010). Bas is a member of INSOLAD (the Association of Insolvency Lawyers) and completed the postgraduate course in Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers at Insolad Grotius in 2014.

Bas is a representative from Marxman Advocaten and member of the board and treasurer of the China Collaborative Group (CCG). The CCG is an international network of legal and business advisories providing clients access of doing inbound and outbound investments and business with China. Bas participated in the CCG Corporate Training in Shanghai, pursuant to which he became acquainted with Chinese corporate law, Chinese contract law and Chinese tax law. Being member of the CCG association and part of the Chinadesk from Marxman Advocaten, Bas advised on legal issues related to China in both corporate and commercial practice, often within an international dimension.”

Bas Besseling has registered Insolvency Law and Corporate Law as the principal legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister).

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