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Member of: Team Restructuring & Insolvency

Charlotte Crombag

Senior lawyer


Charlotte is a highly driven lawyer. She is adept at quickly analysing what is the issue at stake within a case, without losing sight of the entrepreneur behind the case.

She always seeks to achieve the best possible solution for the client. This often requires more than just a (legal) answer to the problem presented. The interconnections and (larger) consequences within the bigger picture also come into play. This is why Charlotte sees herself more as a partner of the client than solely as a legal expert.

For whom?

Charlotte mainly assists SME entrepreneurs in the field of corporate law and/or the law of obligations. She also advises and litigates for clients who have needs in the area of insolvency law. This may be because their company is in financial dire straits or because, as an executive, they are held liable by the receiver or a creditor. In this respect, her experience as a former receiver comes in handy.

Experience Charlotte brings to the table

Charlotte has been regularly appointed as a receiver in recent years. As a result, she has extensive experience and expertise in insolvency law. The training programme to become a restructuring specialist, which she is currently following, contributes further to this. Within the Insolvency and Restructuring team, she handles a lot of (compulsory) settlements under the Dutch Court Approval of a Private Composition (Prevention of Insolvency) Act (WHOA), all in a multidisciplinary context and in collaboration with external expert parties.

What else within Marxman Advocaten?

Within Marxman, Charlotte is part of both the ‘Insolvency and Restructuring’ team and the ‘Commercial Contracting’ team. These areas of law are intertwined and often converge in the files she handles.

She is also involved in the (internal) training and mentoring of trainee lawyers and ensures that knowledge is shared within and outside the firm.

Education & memberships

Postdoctoral: Restructuring expert (September 2022)
CPO: Insolvency law for receivers
Radboud University: International and European Law


Dutch, English, German, Italian (conversational level)

Areas of law

Insolvency law and corporate law

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