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Dennis Kok



Dennis is a dedicated lawyer. He specialises in corporate law. His expertise is in mergers, acquisitions and (resolving) business disputes.

For whom?

Dennis mainly works with entrepreneurs, executives, and medium-sized and large companies.

Experience Dennis brings to the table

Dennis is a trusted consulting partner for entrepreneurs. By engaging in both consultancy and litigation, Dennis is quick in identifying opportunities and risks. He is pragmatic and straightforward, always in pursuit of a win-win situation.

What else within Marxman Advocaten?

In addition to mergers, acquisitions and corporate litigation, Dennis is also involved in the insolvencies & restructuring team. Here, Dennis focuses particularly on reviewing financing documentation and related security interests.

Education & memberships

In 2021, Dennis completed his master’s degree in Business & Law at Utrecht University. He wrote his thesis on the position of minority shareholders of subsidiaries in group surveys.
In 2022, Dennis organised the annual congress of the Young Bar Association of the Netherlands (SJBN).


Dutch, English

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