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Annemiek Poortman – Lawyer

Annemiek Poortman specializes in the field of Labour Law. She was sworn in as a lawyer in 2008 and has since held various labour law roles. Within Marxman Advocaten she assists entrepreneurs in labour law issues in the broadest sense of the word, from inflow to outflow.

She started her career as an labour law lawyer at a niche firm in Amsterdam. There she advised (international) employers on HR policy, she represented them in (collective) dismissal and gave in-company training. After a short interim step as a lawyer at an employee association, she continued her career as a lawyer-entrepreneur in labour law. In that capacity, she has advised a nice mix of entrepreneurs and employees.

After an earlier interim assignment, she finally joined Marxman Advocaten.

In addition to her work, Annemiek is a member of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug Triathlon Team. As in her work, the combination of challenge, variety and fun is paramount.

Annemiek Poortman has registered Labour Law as the principal legal practice area in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister).

Through my experience as an employer and employee lawyer, I have insight into the interests of both parties. Together we get to the heart of the matter faster.

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