Our experts in all aspects of Event Industry Law are lawyers who specialise in assisting parties who are active in the event industry, both nationally and internationally, including trade associations.

Our specialists assist clients prior to, during and after the event. This may involve providing advice and support during contract negotiations or identifying risks prior to the event. Adjustment of the contract or prevention/ mitigation of risks that emerge during the event. Assistance when there are disputes after the event.

In our work, we do not lose sight of the commercial interests of our clients.

Our specialists

Daan Klein Velderman

Legal assistant

Jan de Wrede

Senior lawyer

Joris Voorhuis


Leonieke den Otter


Sebastiaan Palm

Partner, member of the executive board

Zorana Koria

  • Drafting / negotiating / litigating general terms and conditions;
  • Drafting / negotiating / litigating contracts;
  • Drafting a business protocol on the coronavirus for parties active in the event industry;
  • Advising parties on various potential liabilities due to extreme weather, noise pollution and the coronavirus;
  • Advising parties on preventive measures that should be taken with regard to the safety of participants.

Our Event Industry Law Team advises parties such as event venues, clients, suppliers and festival organisers.

We work with clients and suppliers in both the SME segment and large enterprises (national and international) across various industries. Our clients operate in areas such as the manufacturing industry, service provision, sports, healthcare institutions and (semi-) government bodies.

Our Team collaborates with:

  • within Marxman with the specialists from IP/ ICT/ Privacy, Labour Law and Procedural Law
  • outside Marxman we work together with partner firms abroad who are a member of Consulegis

Our Team is a member of:

  • Dutch Venue Association;
  • Event Inspiration;
  • Meetings Platform
  • Eventbranche.nl;
  • TVD, the trade association of Dutch tent rental companies
Marxman is part of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms in more than 40 countries. With the efforts of the specialists from this network, we can help our relations with international challenges and opportunities.

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