Our specialists in the legal side of sports are lawyers and jurists who have all the knowhow and experience to assist parties active in the world of sports, both at the national and international level.

Our specialists assist parties who are active in sports. This may concern a party’s internal structure (such as its legal form – B.V., association, etc. – and corporate governance), but also liability during sports and game situations, sponsorship, agreements with athletes, etc.

We advise on:

  • sponsorship agreements
  • operating agreements
  • personality rights
  • privacy matters

Our specialists

Daan Klein Velderman

Legal assistant

Jan de Wrede

Senior lawyer

Joris Voorhuis


Leonieke den Otter


Sebastiaan Palm

Partner, member of the executive board

Zorana Koria


The Team was involved in:

  • Advising a nationwide municipal association on rent and the coronavirus;
  • Advising a speed skating team on entering into sponsorship agreements;
  • Advising a municipality on renting out a sports facility;
  • Drafting general terms and conditions for a supplier of various sports and playground equipment;
  • Drafting a swimming pool protocol;
  • Advising various parties on the use of data (both players, employees and visitors).

Our Sports Team assists municipalities, sports clubs and federations, sports interest groups, suppliers and sports venues, among other parties.

We work with clients and suppliers in both the SME segment and large enterprises (national and international) across various industries. Our clients operate in areas such as the manufacturing industry, service provision, sports, healthcare institutions and (semi-) government bodies.

Our Team collaborates with:

  • within Marxman with the specialists from IP/ ICT/ Privacy, Labour Law and Procedural Law
  • outside Marxman we work together with partner firms abroad who are a member of Consulegis

Our Team is a member of:

  • Preferred legal partner of SV Kampong Hockey.
  • Association of Sports and Municipalities (VSG)
  • Dutch Federation for Professional Football Clubs (FBO)
Marxman is part of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms in more than 40 countries. With the efforts of the specialists from this network, we can help our relations with international challenges and opportunities.

Marxman Preferred Legal Partner of SV Kampong Hockey

At Marxman, we love top-level sports – because we know: running a business is much like competing at the highest level in sport. All our employees are – all in their own way – top athletes. And we also literally have a few top athletes in our ranks. What we also love at Marxman are partnerships. Long-term collaborations that allow us to keep learning from each other. Doing business, having fun, and both parties benefiting from it.
That is why we officially signed the partnership with SV Kampong Hockey on 1 June 2021.

We are always looking for partners who operate in line with our core values. With Kampong’s (top) hockey players, we share a lot of those values:

Really enjoying what you do and giving it your 100%.

Team spirit – collaborating
Only when we combine our individual strengths can we achieve the best results.

High performance – perseverance
The final result is what matters most. Winning the match or winning the case. And not giving up when the going gets tough: change the tactics and carry on!

Talent development
Keep growing – as an organisation, as a team and as a person. Making your strengths even stronger. Knowledge and skills.

Stronger together
For us, a partnership means that we both benefit from it. We help Kampong become more professional in the legal field and, of course, we also provide some funding for the club. We also simply want to learn a lot from each other. In terms of both sport and doing business.

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