Marxman is active within Europe and (far) beyond. To be able to advise our national and international clients in the best possible way, we are a member of the international network of independent law firms Consulegis. This means that we can always provide the right expertise within the Netherlands and abroad.

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Marxman is one of the oldest members of Consulegis. An international network of independent law firms practicing in more than 40 countries and 150 cities worldwide. Together with our partners, we help our clients realise their international ambitions.

With Consulegis member firms, we keep up-to-date on and share cross-border knowledge in various fields on an ongoing basis. We stay on top of legal developments in Europe and worldwide. We meet up with our international partners on a regular basis. This intensive, personal and easy contact is one of the key elements of Consulegis. It allows us to fully rely on Consulegis members for cross-border matters.

Marxman is also part of the China Collaborative Group (CCG). The CCG facilitates investment needs coming from Chinese companies looking for opportunities in the Netherlands and Europe, but is also there for companies that want to do business in China. The CCG is officially recognised by China’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (National Development and Reform Commission).

Our specialists

Bas Besseling

Partner, member of the executive board

Jan de Wrede

Senior lawyer

Sebastiaan Palm

Partner, member of the executive board

Marxman assists in:

  • cross-border transactions
  • international banking and financing arrangements
  • international labour law and deploying foreign employees
  • international restructuring and reorganisation
  • protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights abroad
  • buying, selling and investing abroad
  • international disputes
  • subcontracting and outsourcing of production
  • drafting and negotiating international agreements
  • International arbitration

The Marxman Team has extensive international experience and a good command of the English language. Our clients are international companies with interests in the Netherlands, but also Dutch companies with activities outside the Netherlands or that are part of a larger international organisation.

For our international activities, we work with:

  • within Marxman with the specialists of the M&A, Labour Law, Commercial Contracting, Restructuring & Insolvency, Procedural Law, and IP/ICT/ Privacy teams
  • Consulegis and its member firms
Marxman is part of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms in more than 40 countries. With the efforts of the specialists from this network, we can help our relations with international challenges and opportunities.

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