Team Labour Law is a trusted partner of choice for entrepreneurs and HR managers in the field of labour law and employment law. Our team consists of lawyers who have many years of experience in labour and employment law. We keep abreast of all labour law regulations and legislative changes. And we closely follow trends in the labour market, such as ‘hybrid working’, the platform economy, employee ownership, and new methods of performance appraisal. We therefore know exactly what is going on in your HR environment.

The Labour Team assists employers in the field of labour law, employment law and HRM. This includes supporting employers in matters of HR compliance, policy, and in making strategic HR decisions. We also assist employers in the event of disputes with the works council and/or trade unions. And we advise and litigate on individual dismissal situations (e.g. summary dismissal, dismissal due to poor performance, conflict, etc.), individual agreements with employees such as non-compete clauses and collective labour law. In addition, we have extensive experience in (settlement) negotiations and mediation. We can also assist you with proceedings at the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the IND and the Labour Inspectorate.

Our labour law specialists are also well-versed in social security legislation, the transfer of businesses, restructuring and employee participations.

Our specialists

Eline Beekhuis


Julie van Meeteren


Moniek Kennis


Veridiana Koeiman


We have extensive experience in:

  • Reviewing and preparing employment contracts, employee handbooks, management contracts and engagement agreements.
  • Setting up employee participation.
  • Guidance during reorganisations, which may include drawing up a social plan and handling UWV proceedings.
  • Guidance on advisory and consent processes with the works council.
  • Advising and litigating on individual dismissal procedures, summary dismissal and dismissal of statutory directors.
  • Advising and litigating on unlawful competition, the non-solicitation clause and non-compete/non-dealing clauses. As well as securing evidence in such matters.
  • Advising on privacy in the workplace.
  • Advising on sickness absence cases, wage sanctions by the UWV and employer liability.
  • Assisting with processes involving possible mandatory membership of pension funds (including StiPP and PMT).
We work with clients and suppliers in both the SME segment and large enterprises (national and international) across various industries. Our clients operate in areas such as the manufacturing industry, service provision, sports, healthcare institutions and (semi-) government bodies.

Team Labour Law partners with:

  • The Marxman Teams M&A, Insolvency and Restructuring, Commercial Contracting and Litigation
  • HR privacy scan (
  • Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms in more than 40 countries. By engaging the specialists from this network, we can assist our clients more effectively with international challenges and opportunities.

Our Team is a member of the Association of Employment Law Lawyers Netherlands (VAAN).

What clients say about Team Labour Law:


“For over 5 years, Marxman has been our legal advisor on employment and corporate law. With their expertise, trust and quick responses they provide concrete and practical advice and support to Valori.”

Jaap Merkus – CEO


“The great thing about working with Marxman is that you always have a skilled lawyer on your side!”

Hilda van de Groep


“For several years now, we have benefited from the services provided by Marxman. Quick and effective action is taken when needed and that is why Marxman is and remains the right partner for us.”

Jasper Bijl – Directeur


“For more than 15 years Marxman has been our legal advisor in matters of employment and corporate law. Fast, accurate, knowledgeable and always willing to brainstorm, they provide concrete and practical advice and support to Burkert Benelux BV.”

Burkert Benelux BV
Rick van Dijk – Directeur


“With Marxman we can count on expert advice and adequate support. It is also nice to work with Marxman’s lawyers, because they are quick, clear, practical and accessible. And that is characteristic of good cooperation.”

Anne van den Borne – HR Manager

“Like many other entrepreneurs, we also want to retain expert, enthusiastic and committed colleagues. We do that in all sorts of ways. Such as offering very good working conditions, great workplaces, interesting refresher courses and unsurpassed lunches. In addition, we enabled those in key positions to participate through Stock Appreciation Rights, or SARs. With the help of Marxman Advocaten, we were able to arrange this in an excellent way!”

Tired of Cancer
Bram Kuiper – CEO

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