The Litigation Team at Marxman Advocaten consists of senior lawyers/partners who specialise in Dutch civil procedural law. All lawyers at Marxman Advocaten litigate regularly, where necessary guided by our Litigation Team. Complex legal procedures and strategic procedural choices in particular have the attention of our specialists of the Litigation Team.

The Litigation Team advises and assists in all stages of a (potential) dispute. We have extensive experience in national and international disputes, as well as in preventing them.

The Litigation Team advises at strategic moments and gives a detailed assessment of the chances and risks of initiating legal proceedings or defending a case. We do this with a clear objective in mind; no one benefits from lengthy proceedings. We translate procedural law, which can be confusing, into practical actions and advice. Our advice always comes about through close consultation with our clients. Our lawyers focus on the (litigation) strategy and procedural aspects within all specialised disciplines of Marxman Advocaten.

Our Litigation specialists are well-versed in areas such as Labour Law, Commercial Contract Law and Corporate Law. This enables them to assist entrepreneurs or contracting parties beyond just procedural law.

Our specialists

Eline Beekhuis


Jan de Wrede

Senior lawyer

Pieter Verloop

Senior lawyer

Veridiana Koeiman


Our Litigation Team advises on all types of dispute resolution:

  • Provisional or executorial attachment
  • Summary proceedings (provisional judge)
  • Proceedings at the district court or on appeal (court of appeal)
  • (Inquiry) proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal
  • Advice on contracts for evidence, choice of court, or international admissibility
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and (assistance with) mediation, national and international

Our Litigation Team assists you with your dispute both in terms of the litigation process and the substance of the legal process. The process, progress but also the costs and existing relations are part of our analyses. Our lawyers assist national and international SMEs and large corporations, in their role as either employers, contracting parties or executives, shareholders or partners. Our clients operate in areas such as (technical) installation, the event industry, service provision, automotive, retail, healthcare institutions and (semi-) government bodies.

We work with clients and suppliers in both the SME segment and large enterprises (national and international) across various industries. Our clients operate in areas such as the manufacturing industry, service provision, sports, healthcare institutions and (semi-) government bodies.

Our Litigation Team collaborates where necessary with our specialists from Team Restructuring and Insolvency, Team Labour and Organisation, Team M&A and Team Commercial Contracting. We also work in cooperation with bailiffs, accountants, valuators, corporate finance advisers, notaries or tax specialists if the situation requires it.

Our Team is a member of/ involved in the Corporate Litigation Association.

Marxman is part of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms in more than 40 countries. With the efforts of the specialists from this network, we can help our relations with international challenges and opportunities.

What clients say about the Litigation Team,


“Marxman has successfully helped my company in various legal proceedings. The consultations are friendly and pleasant. Also, they always carefully weigh the risks and opportunities of litigation. The cost aspect is not overlooked either.”

Keper Infra B.V.

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